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Making development easier and efficient


We like success, so do our clients. We want success for our clients too, it is our goal.

Deliver on time

Time is money and we don’t like to loose time or money. We are sure our clients feel the same.

Web Security

Compromising security is not worth the risk. Make your solutions secure and avoid headache!

We are sharp

Staying up to date with technology and updates is one of our key advantages and we plan to keep it that.

Responsive design

When it comes to web UI solutions there is no excuse to make UIs that don’t fit modern world screens. Our solutions incorporate responsive design.

Cloud ready solutions

We are experts when it comes to could delivery, making your solutions ready to deploy, scale and fit modern age software demands.

What do we offer

  • Team of highly qualified software engineers at your service

    We are experienced team of engineers with more that 10 years of experience in software development industry. Through years of working with different clients and profiles we learned what is important to make software solutions successful

    • keep things as simple as possible
    • stay sharp on knowledge and technologies
    • learn to listen to your clients and lead them toward better solutions
  • Website development

    Make higher client conversion by employing UX design techniques and appealing beautiful design to your public websites or social networks. Make your company stand out from your competitors

    • present your company with a beautiful website
    • get higher client conversion by placing important information and actions at best places
    • get higher page ranking in search engines with SEO optimization techniques
    • connect with social networks and get more potential clients to your website
    • gather traffic analytics and client info with smart use of cookies and tracking tools
  • Server-side development

    Server-side development can vary in complexity, but that is not something you should worry about as our client. It can be simple as a CRUD API or complex as scalable could application. If you need to make a server-side system from scratch or you need to extends current one, we are your team. We like challenges, technologies are no obstacle for us!

    • we can handle any leading server-side technology (.NET, Java, NodeJS, Go, … you name it)
    • work with any leading database system (MySql, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB)
    • we can deploy server components on cloud infrastructure or your machines
    • we have experience working with containerized systems (Docker, Kuberenetes, AWS)
  • Container based development

    Containers are great new approach in software development. They tend to make the whole process of development > testing > delivery > repeat whole lot easier. With container based approach you can make complex systems achievable.

    • we work with technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
    • we can apply them to your choice of server side technology
  • Front-end development

    Either website or singe-page-app, our engineers can take any idea and transform it into blasting web interface. We keep ourselves on the edge of front-end technologies.

    • we support leading front-end trends HTML5, CSS3, SASS
    • our Javascript developers are crafted in web frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, Aurelia, …
  • Web and API development

    Connecting two worlds (server-side and front-end) is like building a bridge starting from both sides and has to perfectly match in the middle. Get our team involved and make great APIs or Web apps. Make your existing systems integrate with each other. Get in charge of your data and use it to your advantage

    • we can handle any leading server-side technology (.NET, Java, NodeJS, Go, … you name it)
    • integration with existing services or creating new ones
    • use of leading databases (MySql, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB)
  • Cloud development

    Cloud development is development taken to another level where apps need to scale and adopt according to traffic and user load. Build your apps so they can scale and still be successful when your number of clients reach high number. If you don’t know how to handle it by yourself get our team involved and relax. We have lots of experience working with cloud infrastructures.

    • scale apps according to your needs
    • avoid unnecessary expenses for resource hat you don’t use
    • avoid downtime with system that can repair itself
    • working with Amazon, Azure and Google could services
    • working with containerized systems to make cloud delivery achievable

Our development process

Keep it clean; Keep it simple

The key to success is to avoid unnecessary complexity and noise. We keep our development process clean and simple. Keeping our development process clean, using iterative development cycles and client's feedback give us best results.


Identify client needs, propose possible improvements, define goals and remove “noise”


Make a plan to produce solution within timeframe and budget, but keep quality assurance high


Start building solution in iterative process, get feedback from clients, repair and make it better


Launch solution within deadline, continue to give support and improve over time